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Wisconsin is a midwestern United States state with coastlines on two Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior) and a forest and farm interior. Milwaukee, the largest city, is famous for the Milwaukee Public Museum, which features numerous re-created international villages, as well as the Harley-Davidson Museum, which displays classic motorcycles. Milwaukee is home to a number of beer companies, many of which offer brewery tours. Let us learn more about Wisconsin.

53. Is Kenosha Wisconsin red or blue?

In presidential elections, Kenosha County has voted Democratic for most of the past century.

52. Who runs Wisconsin?

The 46th, and current governor is Tony Evers, a Democrat who took office on January 7, 2019.

51. What meal is Wisconsin known for?

Known as "America's Dairyland", Wisconsin is famous for its cheese and cheese products, such as cheese curds, and dairy products, such as frozen custard. Other notable foods common to the region include bratwursts, beer and Old Fashioned cocktails, butter burgers, fish fries and fish boils, and booyah stew.

50. What fruit is Wisconsin known for?

Cranberries; the official state fruit of Wisconsin and Massachusetts.
What is the Wisconsin State Food?
In down-home grocery stores and humble gas stations, delicious dairy products are always in stock. But cheese isn't the only Wisconsin state food. Our state grain is corn, and our state fruit is the cranberry.

49. Are taxes higher in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Wisconsin property taxes are both higher and more regressive than Minnesota's. Progressive income taxes can be used to compensate for the natural regressiveness of sales and property taxes. As the next graph shows, Minnesota's income tax is more progressive than Wisconsin's.

48. Is Wisconsin a wealthy state?

Wisconsin has the twenty-first highest income among states in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $26,624 (2010).

47. How white is Wisconsin?

According to Census 2010, Wisconsin's population is about 83% white, 6% black, 6% Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 1% American Indian. Individuals of other and multiple races make up less than 2% of Wisconsin's population.

46. Is Wisconsin cool in the summer?

Wisconsin's summer is predicted to be colder than usual, but at least everything is already canceled. Wisconsin could be in for a colder than normal start to summer. ... The only thing that's an absolute certainty — summer 2020 will be much different than previous years.

45. What is the warmest city in Wisconsin?

A recent study found that West Allis is the warmest city in Wisconsin, with at least 16 days of 90-degree weather on average annually. With about 188 days of sun each year, West Allis seems like a sunny spot in an ordinarily chilly Wisconsin.

44. Is Wisconsin a good place to live?

Is Wisconsin a great place to live? Wisconsin is considered a great place to live for its good schools, easily affordable big cities, beautiful natural vistas, and midwestern hospitality. The cities of Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Appleton remain some of the top spots to raise a family in the United States.

43. Does Wisconsin have tornadoes?

On average, Wisconsin sees 23 tornadoes per year.

42. Does Wisconsin have snow?

Average seasonal snowfall totals range from 40 to 50 inches across much of central and northeast Wisconsin, to 100 to 125 inches across the snowbelt region of Vilas County.

41. What is the coldest month in Wisconsin?

The coldest month is January, when the average high temperature is only 28 °F (-2 °C). Low temperatures in January average 16°F (-8°C).

40. Is Wisconsin French?

Although many Wisconsin towns bear French names, French immigration and settlement in Wisconsin was minimal. The French played an important economic role in 17th and 18th century Wisconsin, but they never contributed many permanent residents.

39. What are 4 interesting facts about Wisconsin?

Other Fun Facts
Nearly 21 million gallons of ice cream are consumed by Wisconsinites each year.
Wisconsin is a leading producer of Ginseng in the United States.
Green Bay is known as the "Toilet Paper Capital" of the world.
The first ice cream sundae was concocted in Two Rivers in 1881.

38. Is Wisconsin a rude state?

Study Says Yes. Call it a “Midwest Nice” malfunction: a recent study ranks Wisconsin as the least courteous state. The Marchex Institute analyzed the use of words like "please" and "thank you" in phone conversations between consumers and businesses.

37. What accent do people in Wisconsin have?

North-Central American English (in the United States, also known as the Upper Midwestern or North-Central dialect and stereotypically recognized as a Minnesota or Wisconsin accent) is an American English dialect native to the Upper Midwestern United States, an area that somewhat overlaps with speakers of the separate ...

36. What is manufactured in Wisconsin?

Following transportation equipment, food products (butter, cheese, ice cream, evaporated and dried milk, meat-packing, canned fruits and vegetables, beer)form Wisconsin's third-ranked manufacturing activity. Wisconsin produces about 1/3 of the cheese made in the United States and is a leading butter-producing state.

35. Who discovered Wisconsin?

Jean Nicolet
Jean Nicolet (1598-1642) was the first European to see Wisconsin and was a prominent French explorer. In 1673, explorer Father Jacques Marquette wrote, "The river on which we embarked is called Meskousing.

34. What are interesting facts about Wisconsin?

5 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Wisconsin
Wisconsin is modest about its lakes. ...
Madison wasn't always the Capitol of Wisconsin. ...
The oldest city in Wisconsin isn't Madison or even Milwaukee. ...
The Swiss Cheese Capitol of the World isn't located in Switzerland, it's right here in Wisconsin.

33. Why are Wisconsin called badgers?

Team name origin
Wisconsin was dubbed the "Badger State" because of the lead miners who first settled there in the 1820s and 1830s. Without shelter in the winter, they had to "live like badgers" in tunnels burrowed into hillsides. The badger mascot was adopted by the University of Wisconsin in 1889.

32. What is the most popular restaurant in Wisconsin?

8 Wildly Famous Restaurants In Wisconsin That Are Totally Worth The Hullabaloo
Kopps Custard - Milwaukee. Yelp/John K. ...
Al Johnson's - Sister Bay. Facebook/AlJohnsons. ...
Memorial Union Terrace - Madison. ...
Frank's Diner - Kenosha. ...
The Waterfront Restaurant - La Crosse. ...
Norske Nook. ...
Mona Lisa's - Eau Claire. ...
Baumgartner's - Monroe.

31. What food was invented in Wisconsin?

8 Wisconsin Foods to Try Before You Die
Cheese Curds. Wisconsinites consider cheese curds to be one of our utmost delicacies. ...
Beer Brats. ...
Garlic Butter-Stuffed Chicken. ...
Frozen Custard. ...
Sprecher Root Beer. ...
Cheese Plates. ...
Kringles. ...
Cornish Pasties.

30. What dessert is Wisconsin known for?

A popular Wisconsin dessert is the cream puff, a type of profiterole that is a famous treat at the Wisconsin State Fair. The southeastern Wisconsin city of Racine is known for its Danish kringle, a sweet flaky pastry often served as a dessert.

29. Is Wisconsin good for retirees?

Wisconsin is moderately tax-friendly toward retirees. Social Security income is not taxed. Withdrawals from retirement accounts are fully taxed.

28. What state is better Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Minnesota won 51% of its head-to-head matchups. Minnesota ranks in the top half of states when pitted in a head-to-head matchup.

27. How many millionaires live in Wisconsin?

Bucolic Wisconsin's 138,283 millionaire households enjoy a relatively affordable cost of living, but taxes in the Badger State can be quite a burden.

26. Is it cheaper to live in Florida or Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is 4.6% cheaper than Florida.

25. What is a good salary in Wisconsin?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $137,799 and as low as $20,018, the majority of National salaries currently range between $41,432 (25th percentile) to $90,314 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $116,384 annually in Wisconsin.

24. What is considered middle class in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, households must earn a minimum of $26,319 per year to be considered middle class, with the upper earnings boundary set at $108,377, according to a new 24/7 Wall St. analysis. The total share of household income in Wisconsin controlled by middle-class earners is 48.4%, 24/7 Wall St. reports.

23. What is the poorest county in Wisconsin?

Ashland County
Wisconsin's Ashland County is the state's poorest, with a median annual household income of $42,510, compared to a state median of $61,747. Among the county's 15,600 residents, 17.4% live below the poverty line, compared to 11.3% of state residents and 13.4% of Americans.

22. What is the poorest area in Wisconsin?

The Center Square
Milwaukee was ranked the poorest city in Wisconsin in a 24/7 Wall St. analysis examining U.S. municipalities where households earn less than the nation's median annual household income of $65,712.

21. What is Wisconsin the best at?

Wisconsin is the 11th best state in the country, according to rankings from U.S. News. The study used eight qualifications to determine their standing: Health care, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime and corrections and natural environment.

20. What city has the lowest crime rate in Wisconsin?

Cedarburg is Wisconsin's safest city. A modestly-sized suburb of Milwaukee located in Ozaukee County, Cedarburg logged remarkably low crime rates, including a near non-existent 0.09 per 1,000 violent crime rate, and a property crime rate about one-third of the Wisconsin state average.

19. Is Wisconsin a rich state?

Wisconsin has the twenty-first highest income among states in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $26,624 (2010).

18. What is the most common job in Wisconsin?

The most common job groups, by number of people living in Wisconsin, are Driver/sales workers & truck drivers (73,205 people), Registered nurses (71,496 people), and Laborers & freight, stock, & material movers, hand (67,923 people).

17. Does it rain a lot in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin, Wisconsin gets 34 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Wisconsin averages 48 inches of snow per year.

16. How bad is winter in Wisconsin?

The worst time to visit Wisconsin is the harsh winter season from December to February, particularly in the northern highlands and areas near Lake Superior, which see a large amount of snow that often crosses 100" (2540mm). Blizzards are common during the winter and affect day-to-day life and weather conditions.

15. How long is summer in Wisconsin?

The warm season lasts for 3.9 months, from May 22 to September 18, with an average daily high temperature above 71°F. The hottest month of the year in Madison is July, with an average high of 82°F and low of 63°F.

14. Are Wisconsinites friendly?

Wisconsinites are notoriously friendly, happy people. Despite the frigid weather in the winter and the constant annoyance of mosquitos in the summer, people in Wisco manage to put on a smile and offer a “Hey neighbor!” most of the time.

13. What does ya der hey mean?

"Ya der hey" and "ainna hey" are just overly complicated ways of saying "yes" or "yeah." Ending a sentence with "hey" is a bit like "er no?" It's inviting a response and is kind of like "don't you agree?" 14. Hey, c'mere once!

12. What is the coolest thing made in Wisconsin?

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) and Johnson Financial Group announced the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin is the 140 Ton Navy Crane from Broadwind Heavy Fabrications in Manitowoc.

11. What is the oldest city in WI?

Green Bay
Green Bay, located along the banks of the Fox River, is the oldest settlement in Wisconsin. Early French voyageurs and coureurs de bois probably knew about the site and named it Baye des Puants because the Puants, a Winnebago tribe, resided there.

10. What do people eat for breakfast in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin: Pasty
They brought with them their pasty tradition, and Wisconsin still holds its breakfast pasties in high regard. These are often filled with potato, ham, eggs, cheese, and onion, or sometimes bacon, hash browns, eggs, cheese and onion, according to WhooNew's Ashely Steinbrinck.

9. Is it nice living in Wisconsin?

Is Wisconsin a great place to live? Wisconsin is considered a great place to live for its good schools, easily affordable big cities, beautiful natural vistas, and midwestern hospitality. The cities of Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Appleton remain some of the top spots to raise a family in the United States.

8. Is Wisconsin cheap to live?

Housing costs in Wisconsin are extremely affordable and nearly 15% below the national average. ... Housing costs drop significantly in the central and northern parts of the state. Milwaukee and Madison pull the average up, but housing in Green Bay and Appleton are more than 20% lower than the national average.

7. Is Wisconsin poor?

In 2019, 10.4 percent of Wisconsin's population lived below the poverty line.

6. What are some bad things about Wisconsin?

4 Disgusting Facts About Wisconsin You Would Be Better Off Not...
We lead the nation in drunk driving arrests. ...
90% of our lakes have polluted runoff. ...
Wisconsin has the highest disparity between children of different races in meeting educational goals. ...
We are ranked last in the Midwest for job creation.

5. Is Wisconsin Safe?

Wisconsin's crime rates are lower than the national average. For instance, the violent crime rate in Wisconsin is 22% below the national rate, and the state's property crime rate is 30% lower than the national rate. Regionally, the Badger State boasts the lowest property crime rate.

4. What does the name Wisconsin mean?

River running through a red place
A: Wisconsin's name evolved from “Meskonsing,” an English spelling of the French version of the Miami Indian name for the Wisconsin River, according to the Wisconsin Historical Society. ... “We can finally be confident that our state's name ... means 'river running through a red place. '

3. Does it snow in Wisconsin?

In fact, the average seasonal snowfall for Wisconsin ranges from 40 to 50 inches across most of central and northeastern Wisconsin. For the northernmost parts of the state, snowfall can clock in at a whopping 100 inches per year.

2. What do you call a Wisconsin person?

Wisconsin. People who live in Wisconsin are called Wisconsinites and Cheeseheads.

1. Is Wisconsin a good state?

WISCONSIN — Wisconsin has been named 2019's 6th best state to live in, according to a new report. The report by WalletHub found compared all 50 states across 51 key indicators of livability, including housing costs, income growth, and quality of hospitals.

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