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Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes in North America and the world's eleventh largest. It is the Great Lakes' southernmost, shallowest, and smallest by volume, and thus has the shortest average water residence time. Lake Erie is 210 feet deep at its deepest point. Let us learn more about Lake Erie.

22. How many fish are in Lake Erie?

130 species of fish, including at least 18 non-natives, make their homes in the waters of Lake Erie. Ten species of native fish have been extirpated from Lake Erie.

23. Is Lake Erie a natural lake?

Lake Erie was one of the first Great Lakes to be uncovered during the last retreat of the glacial ice. In its current form, the lake is about 4,000 years old. It is the fourth largest of the Great Lakes. ... Lake Erie and its associated wetlands are an indispensable natural resource to the region's environment and economy.

24. Is Lake Erie potable?

Lake Erie provides drinking water for more people than any other, but algae blooms are making it toxic. ... The harmful algae bloom slimes fishing boats, paints beaches in toxins and engulfs water intake cribs.

25. Is Lake Erie safe for dogs?

The Erie County Department of Health is warning dog owners that algal blooms along the shoreline of the lake are dangerous to their pets. The department said it is not safe for dogs to swim at several areas along the shoreline of Lake Erie.

26. What lives in Lake Erie?

Lake Erie is one of the smallest of the Great Lakes and is relatively shallow and warm. Walleye, yellow perch, lake sturgeon, brook trout, lake whitefish, muskellunge, and introduced salmon species are among the many kinds of fish in the Great Lakes.

27. What's the deepest part of Lake Erie?

Lake Erie/Max depth
With a mean surface height of 570 feet (170 metres) above sea level, Erie has the smallest mean depth (62 feet) of the Great Lakes, and its deepest point is 210 feet.

28. Who polluted Lake Erie?

It was the first grand jury investigation of water pollution in the area. The grand jury indicted four corporations for polluting Lake Erie and waterways in northeast Ohio. Facing fines were Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Shell Oil Co., Uniroyal Chemical Division of Uniroyal Inc. and Olin Corp.

29. Why is Lake Erie dirty?

Lake Erie's algae blooms are caused by runoff pollution. This type of pollution occurs when rainfall washes fertilizer and manure spread on large farm fields into streams that flow into Lake Erie. This fuels a bumper crop of algae each year that can make water toxic to fish, wildlife, and people.

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